The Philani Child’s Health and Nutrition Project in South Africa is an organization that tends to the needs of those who truly need it the most. Mothers and Children with no means of support or medical care are taken in by Philani. Beyond medical care, Philani offers: education and training to women, income generating projects, preschools, an outreach and home-based nutrition program, a mothers-to-be program, an orphans and vulnerable children program, a dental program and a care and support program for HIV positive mothers and children. As soon as we heard about Philani, our class of 20 juniors and seniors decided that this organization would be our main focus. We set a goal to have raised at least $1000 and to collect at least 100 baby outfits by the time of our departure in April. In our current stage of preparation, we have almost reached both of these goals. To raise money, we have asked for donations, as well as through the generosity of Jenny Turner, mother of 11th grader Haley Turner, put on a charity haircut day and raised over $600! Upcoming in March, our class will be selling T-shirts and Tote bags with designs by Leah Nascimento at the Cabrillo Farmers Market on March 14th and 21st. We have received so much help from both our families and the community in getting this project off the ground and in the collection money and clothes. As the trip is getting nearer, now only a month away, our gratitude and excitement is growing, and we feel so blessed to be able to participate in an opportunity as great as this.

“The Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project has changed the lives of thousands of women and children in disadvantaged communities on the outskirts of Cape Town. Many of whom are the poorest of the poor – children suffering from malnutrition, mothers who are struggling to find any food at all to feed their families. Philani has provided life and hope with great commitment and loyalty since 1979. I am proud to be Philani’s Patron.”

-Archbishop Desmond Tutu