Sawubona Departure

Lulu Morell-Haltom
In a few short hours, my classmates and I will board flight 226 of Emirates Air. We will fly on a standard air plane, on a normal day, accompanied by average San Francisco weather. Yet flight 226 has so much more meaning than this, for it will deliver us to the journey of our lives.

As a freshman in 2009 I watched the juniors and seniors in spellbound awe as they ventured through South Africa; finding new values and dreams along the way. I eagerly awaited each new blog post, finding my mind wandering as I imagined myself in the vast savannah. Now, in 2011, I will stand on the South African soil and keep my eyes wide open at all times. I don’t want to miss a single moment.

As I listen to the South African national anthem, I hear the power and struggle behind the singers’ voices. I hear the emotion intertwined in the foreign words that enrapture my heart. In a way, singing is so representative of our journey. Each person that has been involved with the Sawubona Project is a harmony, lilting and beautiful individually. However, once all of these harmonies mix together, we unify to create one powerful song.

I feel so blessed to be a harmony in the song of Sawubona.

Lulu Morell-Haltom